“Distrust and caution are the parents of security”Benjamin Franklin

VRB Network Consulting offers Custom Security Solutions for your business.


The ‘Proactive Monitoring and Security Management Service’ is the most cost-effective step towards ensuring that your network remains secure by including the following protection services:

Security Patch Updates:

Got Vulnerabilities?  Hackers have Exploits!

If you have any vulnerabilities due to unpatched computers, hackers have the exploits and tools to access your network!

As an industry standard ‘Best Practice’, all computers and mobile devices connected to your network should be protected; and all security patches should be kept up-to-date on a weekly basis at the very least.  For a low monthly subscription fee per Server, Workstation, and Mobile Device, VRB Network Consulting will proactively monitor an extensive checklist of health items on your network; create alerts; and apply security patches as soon as they are proven to be stable.


Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Endpoint Protection:

  • VRB Network Consulting installs and maintains business grade managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Endpoint Protection on your servers and workstations – at no additional cost. 


  • Since this is a managed service, there is no need to worry about whether your endpoint protection definition files are up-to-date or if your annual subscriptions have expired.  It is all managed for you.

Web Protection Service:

  • As an additional layer of security, VRB Network Consulting installs and maintains a Web Protection Service to protect your computers from accessing dangerous malicious websites – at no additional cost.


  • This is a very powerful tool – able to block over 65 optional categories of websites!  Company owners can request to have any number of these optional categories blocked; or schedule to allow access to them ‘only after business hours’.  This is useful for blocking ‘social network’ websites, for instance, thereby keeping employees productive during the business day. 


  • However, the most important aspect of this service is that 10 ‘security’ related categories have been pre-configured to be blocked by default – keeping protected computers from unknowingly downloading malicious payloads from infected websites.  Given the unprecedented global rise of infected websites over the past few years, there is absolutely no doubt this service has become an essential security layer for all networks.


  • In addition, VRB Network Consulting pays close attention to alerts from many reputable security sources.  Known malicious server addresses are added to a default “Blacklist” within the Web Protection Service to block access to those websites.  This is a recommended ‘Best Practice’ maneuver to protect your network against many types of malware and ransomware infections. 


  • Monthly reports can be generated and emailed for review, if so desired.  This insight can not only assist you in improving your employees’ productivity; but it also reveals statistics relating to all the ‘blocked’ websites that were attempted to be accessed during the reporting period – proving just how vulnerable you were without this service!


Relieve yourself of the burden of maintaining the security of your network by subscribing to the Proactive Monitoring and Security Management Service.  Make the call today!


Your business network is analyzed on a daily basis, and the monitoring checklists are customized accordingly.  All tasks are scheduled to run overnight (off-hours) to perform updates, scans, and temporary file cleaning.  The Proactive Monitoring and Security Management Service has been custom designed by VRB Network Consulting to promote security, efficiency, and productivityThe overall goal is to minimize costly downtime!

Keep your network secure and running efficiently, so you can get your work done! 

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